Modern features of business phone systems your organization must have

Modern features of business phone systems your organization must have

More and more businesses are adopting VoIP. That’s because a comprehensive VoIP system lets your business answer more calls and increases engagement with your customers efficiently and cost-effectively. But if you want to have a well-rounded phone system, keeping your traditional phones is a must. Just make sure you’re not missing out on these superior modern business phone system features.

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system

Companies take IVR systems for granted because they’ve become quite commonplace. But there was a time when all calls had to be answered by a dedicated customer service representative. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most efficient way to do it.

An IVR system can be programmed to give callers all the call options they’ll ever need, saving you and your callers time. It’s especially useful for companies that address a multitude of concerns (e.g., product inquiries, suggestions, product or service complaints, etc.) on a regular basis. All a caller needs to do is listen to programmed voice prompts and select an option that reroutes them to the proper department.


Voicemail’s relevance in offices is beginning to wane. Nowadays, a caller is more likely to send a follow-up SMS or send a direct message using any messaging application than leave a voicemail. It may come as a surprise but voicemail is still necessary, simply because plenty of businesses still use telephones to handle customer concerns.

What elevates voicemail, however, is how seamlessly it can be integrated with other communication platforms. Voicemail-to-email is a business phone feature that’s capable of keeping a record of missed calls, transcribing voice messages into text, and sending them to intended recipients via email. It’s also cost-efficient and allows businesses to better manage unanswered calls that need to be attended to.

Call duration reports

Are your sales staff spending way too much time on the phone or making multiple calls to close a sale? Is there a sudden increase in personal calls? You can get answers to these questions and address office productivity, employee efficiency, and other issues using data obtained from call duration reports, a staple feature in many VoIP platforms.

Call conferencing

You can conduct team discussions more efficiently if everyone can participate in a conference call without a hitch. With a VoIP call conferencing function, that’s not a problem. Note that call conferencing and other VoIP features may require you to increase your internet connectivity bandwidth to maximize this feature.

Hold music or hold message

Your phones should be equipped with hold music or a hold message. And it’s not because it’s imperative to play nice tunes for your callers. Based on a telemarketing study, callers are 60% more likely to hang up when placed on hold with no hold music. And callers hanging up may well translate to unsatisfied customers and inefficient communications.

Call recording

Aside from its obvious benefits in a help desk or call center setting, call recording adds value to businesses in other ways. Being able to keep a record of calls in digital format lets you monitor staff performance, evaluate ongoing marketing campaigns, assess customer needs, improve customer service efforts, and more.

In addition, businesses in regulated industries have to make sure phone conversations are encrypted and recorded to comply with rules. It’s a nifty phone feature, and for some organizations, it’s a must-have.

Making voice and video calls via Skype and handling customer service issues via social media channels like Facebook is fast becoming the norm. inrsITe’s IT support team can design a business communication system with modern features that offer long-term benefits to organizations in the Brandon, Tampa, and Plant City areas. Just get in touch with us.

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