Do you have policies in place to make sure your employees are properly using the IT you’ve provided them?

A clearly written set of IT policies and procedures is important for both business and legal reasons. Knowing about copyright laws and safe usage policies reduces your team’s expsoure to legal and financial risk. You need a clear set of guidelines on how your staff should use the internet, email, and social media to avoid common digital pitfalls associated with these evolving tools.

The safest and easiest way to do it right is to outsource your IT to a team of professionals that can help with automated safeguards and employee awareness training. But, in the meantime, we’ve created a basic IT Policies & Procedures template that you can use and adjust as you see fit to limit your and your team’s risk exposure. It’s completely free, and comes with no obligation whatsoever.

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This template includes:

  • Policies covering both in-office and at-home use of business software and hardware by employees
  • Stated prohibitions against the illegal and/or unauthorized duplication of copyrighted software by employees
  • Policies regarding the use of personal devices for business purposes
  • Fill-in-the-blank social media policies, so you can tailor the template to fit your organization’s needs

By downloading our free IT Policies & Procedures template, you have zero obligation to inrsITe Solutions. Our hope is that by providing you with this complimentary template, you’ll remember us when it comes time to select your new technology partner to draft a more robust set of policies. Until then, enjoy this free template from the technicians at inrsITe Solutions!

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